large works and commissions

The Journey
Approx 3 metre, bronze and polyester resin, Rakovnik, ČR

280Hx30x40cm, Bronze, cast for The Kildare Gallery, Irl

Approx 4 metre, Steel Construction and Epoxy Resin, Botanic Garden in Prague, ČR

Funfair Day
110Hx90x50cm, Bronze, Private Collection

Bronze on natural stone, private commission

Ivo Geringer burial cross
Bronze, Bystřice Town Cemetery, ČR

Origami 1200 BC
155Hx190x90cm, Corten steel, Private Collection

Quack Quack
Approx 5 metre, Steel Construction and Polyester Resin, Galerie Golf Hostivař, Prague, ČR